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Hi everybun,

We know it's been ages since we posted, but we do look at the journals sometimes to catch up.

We are both doing well and are enjoying the nice weather as there are lots of nommy plants and flowers to eat in the garden!

We have just come back from our bunny boarding at Weston and had a lovely hollyday! We get well looked after and spoilt rotten (but don't tell the 2-foots!)

Here's some pictures of us playing 'hunt the barley ring' and one of us chilling on our hollyday...


Love n licks,

Amber & Archie xx

Daddy's coming home soon..!!

Hi everybun,

We are eggsited cos daddy is coming home on sattyday!

The only problem is that when he lands in the UK - do you think he is rushing home to see his precious bunnies? Oh no, he is meeting mummy in London. And they are spending the day at the Oh Limpix..!!

Truly shocking..!!

Amber xx

Double desertion..!!

Hi everybun,

Today mummy leaves us too! She is going to visit the grand 2-foots for 6 days to break up the time daddy is awAy. She says she is looking forward to being pampurred by her mum and swimming in their pool!

WHO is going to pampurr us..?? Oh yes, Uncle Timmy is coming to stay! Hurray! We like him as he lets us out in the garden for ages and gives us lots of food!!

We may get on the pooter while mum us away, but if not, see you all in a week!

Love Amber & Archie xx

We skyped daddy!

Hi everybun,

Today we skyped daddy! Mummy filmed us while daddy was saying hello to us. It was a bit confusing cos I could hear, but not see, daddy. So I got up close to mummy's iPhone and sniffed it! Mummy turned the screen round and I could see daddy's head!

He said he was tired after two flights and had been awake for over 25 hours. Why didn't he just have a snooze like us buns do?!

Mummy was happy to talk to him too, they seemed to be laughing alot and chatting lots! Noisy 2-foots!

Amber xx


Hi everybun, Yesterday we and mummy were deserted by Daddy. He is going to be away for 3 whole weeks! He has gone across the Pond to Cal-he-thorn-ya for some work training. We pretended that we wouldn't miss him! Hopparently, the 2-foots have something called Skype which means they can talk and see each other at the same time. Mummy says she will let us use it too so we can see daddy! I'm going to give bunny butt! Deserter!!! Mummy is obviously missing daddy as she is spending lots of time with us and has said she will give me cuddles on the sofa. She hasn't tried this with me for aaaaages so I haven't decided yet if I'm going to like it or not. She tried with Archie the other week and he was good for about 5 seconds (he says he was in shock!) , then he tried to escape by digging at mummy! We are sick of the rubbish weather as we are only getting outside for about 2 hours a day at the moment! Mummy says this will be even less now that daddy is away as she will be at work in the daytime. Thump!! I'm off for a snooze.... Amber xxx


Hi everybun,

With Maddie's sad departure and knowing how committed she was to writing her journal, we have been inspired to post ourselves.

We have been doing fine, enjoying getting outside in the garden when it's not been too wet. Amber continues to eat like a horse and is getting very round! Whereas I, Archie, am a mean, lean fighting machine!

Most evenings we go upstairs to the Lounge where mummy insists on giving us tons of strokes and kisses. She is also obsessive about plucking us! I have two bald patches on my back at the moment where she's been over zealous!

We have also had to put up with seeing alot of daddy these last few weeks as he has been doing online training for his new job. He sits in our bunny room at the table all day long! At first I thumped at him for disturbing us, but then he started letting us out for hours in the garden so we put up with him now!

Anyway, we salute Maddie Bun and will eat our carrots in her honour today...

Archie & Amber xx

Hoppy Easter!

Hi everybun,

we have had a lovely Easter. We have been outside when it's been dry, zooming round the garden and eating as much as possible! Especially all the new growth on the roses!

Today it's been too wet so we've chilled out in the lounge with the 2-foots this afternoon whilst nomming on brocolli and apple.

So all in all, it's been most satisfactory!

Archie xx

Visit to the vets

Hi everybun,

the 2-foots deserted us last week as they went to Cornwall to celebrate daddy's 40th burp day. Uncle James did very well looking after us as we had put him through an intensive training course. He let us out in tge garden every day, kept us fed and watered abd generally made a fuss of us!

We have continued to go out in the garden every day due to the sunny weather and we are enjoying the sounds and smells of Spring. Especially Archie who is getting a bit rampant! I just hop away from him - I'm not being clambered on!

Today however we went to the vets where we were stabbed with our myxicjab, prodded and poked, weighed and generally put through a bunny mot. Archie's chin is still sore so he now has an antibiotic cream that mummy has to apply twice a day (good luck mum!!) The vet said that there was nothing wrong with Archie's teef and he wasn't sure why it had got sore.

Our weights are building nicely!! Archie weighs 6.4kg and I am a stupendous 6.7kg..!! We are both very proud of ourselves!! I bunder if I'll get to 7kg like my idol Bruno?!

The 2-foots are leaving us again this weekend as it's mummy's burp day, but we still have James to fulfill our every whim so we will be fine!

Love n licks,

Amber xx


Hi everybun,

archie and I are happily flopped in the lounge at the moment, having just scoffed our veggies.

I did a long stretch with my legs out behind me and a sound escaped! "Did you just fart?!" says mummy, looking shocked.

She then started to laugh saying she hadn't heard a bunny fart before...!!

Well, I have just eaten cabbage!!

Amber xx

Daddy says....

....that I am a poser..!!

What does everybun else think..??!!

Amber xx