July 12th, 2014



Hi everybun,

We are very busy at the moment because we have guests staying with us.

Firstly we have Daddy's family staying with us for the week - his mummy and brother. They all went out yesterday to the beach at Branscombe so thankfully left us in peace!


Bunfortunately, when they got home, daddy lit a fire to cook their dinner on. He called it a bar-bee-queue but whatever it was, it caused lots of smoke, so we went back into our bunny room from the garden in disgust.

We also have other strange creatures staying with us for two weeks!! They are some type of pig and there are three of them! They are small, furry and live in a two tier hutch in our garden! We aren't sure what to make of them yet, but we are keeping an eye on them as good agents should. We will continue to report on their movements!!

So far we have discovered that they are three girls called Adventure, Hedge and Pickle. They make squeaking noises and they eat veggies like us!!
Will try to post some pictures....

Archie (aka Fred)